• Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Turning the Tide of Chronic Disease With Nutrition

Research indicates that disease prevention and surgical recovery improve when supported by proper nutrition. However, clinicians are rarely offered even basic nutritional training in medical and osteopathic school, a study of incoming pediatric residency interns showed. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many patients ...

  • Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Understanding Stress and Social Determinants of Health

Gallup’s most recent poll found that lower-income Americans tended to report more stress. While some stress is normal, chronic stress is connected to a range of conditions, including mental health issues, cognitive changes, and chronic disease. This makes widespread stress ...

  • Saturday, 02 March 2019

Effects of the Microbiome on Cardiovascular Health

The health of the microbiome affects the entire body. For cardiometabolic patients, new evidence reinforces the importance of supporting gut health and monitoring the microbiome. ...

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