A Few Words About Hormonal Optimization Services

The HPA axis including the thyroid and gonads(including male and female sex hormones) are not mutually exclusive and do necessarily work in harmony. For example the cascade of activity due to chronic stress( mental or physical) trickles down the whole pathway from the adrenals all the way down to the thyroid and to the hormones estrogen, testosterone and more, not to mention their metabolites, which many times are forgotten about and not taken into account when assessing success of treatment or potential individual risk, of suboptimal metabolites.

We assess these and more using a "Root Cause" approach. All these disruptions in balance can have a direct and indirect negative effect on a person's level of function and quality of life. A Functional and Personalized perspective looks "upstream" if you will, through the whole cascade to find the blockage or source of the issue to ensure we are not just covering up symptoms.

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