Patient Testimonials

I can attest that it is possible to arrest cognitive decline by following the advice in Dale Bredesen's book "The End of Alzheimer's". Unfortunately, without qualified help it is impossible to access and interpret all the various tests that are required to fully implement Bredesen's protocol. I have been getting that help from Noelle and am very happy with how she delivers it.

Peter H.

Hants County, NS - September 2019

Noelle is passionate about her work and really cares. I reached out to her for answers and support and she did all she could to get me information and connect me to the right people. She is a beacon of light in the dark of chronic illness.

Ariel Richards

Halifax - August 2019

I can say without hesitation, Noelle is very caring, knowledgeable and professional. She takes the time to listen, to understand what my concerns are and has helped guide me in the right direction for my hormone issues. She really is a Subject matter expert in her field!

Jackie G.

Halifax - May 2019

Noelle is a wealth of knowledge and a true professional. I needed to make some changes and she has helped me in getting on a new path to a healthier lifestyle. I recently started working with her and am already starting to see improvements. Thank you Noelle!!

Charlene D

Halifax - February 2019

Noelle is a very caring and knowledgeable practitioner. She has been instrumental in getting me on the right path to wellness. Thank you Noelle!

Val H.

Halifax - January 2019

Noelle is most deserving of my gratefulness for her guidance with my lifestyle medical health plan. It finally hit home that my health issues were not impossible to control as seen from her new perspectives in health management. It means that I will be an active participant, on board with Noelle, in a healthy life’s direction. I have found what I have been looking for with her knowledge and innovative research practices. Noelle has made me feel empowered and in control again of this most important aspect of my life.

Frank B.

St. John's, NL - December 2018

Noelle is top notch. She has been instrumental in helping me get on the right program for Cognitive Decline and helping me to arrest it. She is very patient and capable in her knowledge of how the Bredesen Protocol works and in individualizing the Recode Program parameters to meet specific personalized needs.

Keith and Carol

Sydney, NS - December 2018

I had been taking an SSRI medication for years (I was given it for vertigo) and I felt like I was in a fog all the time and was becoming very forgetful. I am so grateful to Noelle for guiding me as to how to go about getting this medication out of my system. Just want to let you know how much better I am as I am continuing to wean myself off a medication that had too many negative effects on me. I am almost completely off it and I have never felt so good to know this was possible; it feels like the curtain has risen on me and I am back to the person I was before this medication took over my life for the worse. You are so caring and so knowledgeable and a blessing in my life. Forever grateful.

Janet M.

Halifax - December 2018

I’ve learned many things during my time with Noelle. Unlike my other practitioners (I’ve had many) she is very patient and always follows up with me to make sure that I capture all the information I need to make informed health decisions for myself. I was getting the best information possible. Perhaps the most important has been that there are tests to help identify the things that have been causing issues and that there are programs aimed for treating them. I feel better than I’ve felt in a very long time. I have had increased energy and an improved disposition. I simply cannot say enough. Noelle keep up with all you do. You are making huge differences in people’s lives.

Mark B.

St. John's, NL - September 2018

With Noelle David’s expertise, I learned where to make improvements in my diet that have resulted in a healthier me. Her knowledge of nutrition, medication and nutritional testing, along with support in adhering to my goals, was a game changer


Halifax - August 2018