A Few Words About Cognitive Decline Services

In the area of Cognitive Decline much of the focus has been with the "one drug" approach which on its own for the most part does not improve the condition, leaving people to slowly deteriorate and is devastating for the patient and their whole family.

There are newer methods. One of which is the Bredesen Protocol from Dr. Dale Bredesen. This involves a personalized protocol treating "36 holes in the roof" as Dr. Bredesen describes it and by doing so he has helped hundreds of people vastly improve their symptoms, get back to work or to live independently.

This is done by looking at individual genetic, biochemical, metabolic and environmental aspects of the person's condition and from there partner with them to optimize the individual areas that are potentially contributing to the symptoms and the decline in cognition. With the exploding incidence of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, more and more people are looking for practitioners who will help them look beyond the current offering of a single treatment with little or no efficacy.

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