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No matter what our area of practice, many of the patients we see have some prescription pharmaceuticals in combination with nutraceuticals in their treatment regimen.

Drug- drug, drug-nutrient interactions and drug- nutrient depletions are part of the dynamics encountered in our assessments and potentially may be contributing to some of the symptoms observed. Many times we struggle to attain optimal function with the patient until we address these areas.

Our role at Fx Vitality and Functional Medicine is to decipher through the medication/supplement list and help you assist your patient in reaching their goals.

We use a functional medicine approach taking into consideration the current protocol, any polypharmacy issues, supplement-drug interactions and potential pharmaceutical induced nutrient deficiencies.


Deprescribing Services

What is Deprescribing?

Deprescribing is the process of tapering, stopping, discontinuing, or withdrawing drugs, with the goal of managing polypharmacy and improving outcomes.

When the health care team and the patient determines there may be benefit to tapering or discontinuing a medication or if a medication may be causing adverse effects, we can work with you, your team(Physician/Health Care provider) to assist in safely and optimally taking a hands on approach in reaching the desired Health goal. We do this by incorporating our Pharmaceutical background as well as using a Functional Medicine Systems Biology approach to assist in bringing your patient to Optimal Health.

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