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Noelle has worked in the conventional medical system for a number of years in the area of pharmacy and pharmaceuticals. She sailed along for many years doing what she was supposed to do, give patients their medication and counsel them on side effects, etc. While most patients kept coming back for higher doses and to have new medications added on to their current regimen, it didn't really resonate with her at the time that she was not exactly helping them get better nor helping to maintain a sustainable healthcare system for that matter. Her thoughts are that you can't fool the body and when you only focus on the medication and nothing else in the patient's environment you most likely head down the road of Polypharmacy and in many cases debilitation.

It took a while to for her to see this until she began to have her own health issues in the way of GI health and the only thing that could be offered was a medication to mask symptoms.

Noelle believes that there are of course times when medications are needed and they can help and save lives, however in many, many cases the conventional system does not look any further than the surface; thus we now have Deprescribing to help undo the damage done when folks have been on certain drugs for much too long such as stomach acid reducers(PPI's) which interfere with B12 and calcium absorption, possibly increase risk of heart disease and osteoporosis and potentially cause rebound reflux when you try to stop them, leaving many people to continue on taking them even without valid reason.

After the hard realization of all this set in, along with her own health issues for which she had to look outside the current system to find the answers, she began to focus on root cause. After spending the last 8 years researching and studying she chose the path of Functional Medicine. She began studying with the Institute for Functional Medicine and has not looked back.

When she thinks back now she cannot imagine not treating the whole person as all body systems work together and are not cut off from each other.

Noelle is a pharmacist and has spent the last few years in both, continuous training in Functional Medicine and at the same time providing services through a Functional Medicine lens and perspective. She is also one of the few practitioners in Canada trained in the Bredesen Protocol for Cognitive Decline.

Noelle works with people to help them achieve optimal wellness in all areas and this is exactly what more and more people are demanding.

Our Team

Noelle David
Noelle David

Founder and Clinic Director

Noelle is a Practitioner of Functional Medicine with a Special focus in Chronic Disease Prevention and Reversal, including Cognitive Decline/Dementia.

Alexander Zhuikov
Alexander Zhuikov

Application Developer/Technical Adviser

Alexander is an experienced Web Application Developer with the capability of delivering business solutions and web portals in Microsoft environment.

Institute for Hormonal Health
Institute for Hormonal Health

128 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, ON

You can also find Noelle at the Institute for Hormonal Health for her Ontario location.