Noelle David

Founder and Clinic Director

Noelle is a Practitioner of Functional Medicine with a Special focus in Chronic Disease Prevention and Reversal, including Cognitive Decline/Dementia.

Functional Medicine is an individualized, patient-centered, science and systems-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness. Noelle’s studies through the Institute for Functional Medicine & continuous learning, along with her own personal experience with the inadequacies of the conventional system, have been fundamental in expanding her knowledge in this new healthcare paradigm, which people are seeking out more & more as they slowly move away from our conventional “sick care” model. Things addressed include brain health and autoimmune disease among many others.

Noelle is a licensed pharmacist in both Ontario and Nova Scotia and graduated from the College of Pharmacy, St John’s, NL.

In connection with her Functional medicine training, Noelle is also a certified Practitioner of the Bredesen Protocol for Cognitive Decline and has completed the Advanced Clinical Training Certification in Reversing Cognitive Decline under Dr. Dale Breseden (The End of Alzheimer’s) and MPI Cognition; This training has a focus in Treating Mild Cognitive Impairment and Early Alzheimer’s Disease.

Noelle has also completed the certification courses through the Institute for Functional Medicine and is certified in Chronic Disea­se Management, with emphasis on Health Coaching and Behavior Change, through the Canadian Pharmacists Association.

The patients Noelle sees in Practice every day are interested in having a high degree of attention paid to their health individually and not just to their medications. It’s about increasing vitality and not just treating symptoms. Under the surface improvements are commonly seen through blood work results such as decreased blood sugar, improved cholesterol numbers, improved thyroid function, decreased risk of PCOS & cancer, optimized liver function & much more.

She is a passionate defender of a “Root Cause/Systems Based” approach to health and wellness as well as in assisting clients in the art of deprescribing – the planned and supervised process of dose reduction or stopping medication that may be causing harm or is no longer beneficial.

Noelle is committed to lifelong learning in the area of healthcare and never takes for granted the power of the body to heal itself given the proper tools, knowledge and education.