Brain Works by Fx Vitality

Cognitive Function and Memory Clinic

Is an extension of Fx Vitality and Functional Medicine. Our special Brain health program is designed for anyone wishing to improve memory, focus, or have a "tune up" of their cognitive health!

About the Program:

Each day scientific studies report more and more connection between our environment and the health of our Cognition and memory. Many experts in this field are now able to improve cognitive decline by using a whole systems approach. As we learn more in this area, many things are coming to the forefront about how we can approach cognitive health.

At Brain Works by Fx Vitality we use an individual and personalized protocol for each person depending on their biochemistry, deficiencies and areas needing optimization. We determine this after a thorough history, assessment of biomarkers (past and present) and other valuations.

Changes such as hormonal variations (menopause, andropause), infections and inflammation, some medications, and metabolic imbalance are just some of the few factors that can negatively affect the function and health of our brain. A deeper knowledge of these areas allows us to establish a program for you with better precision that will potentially have a greater impact in addressing your individual needs.

The program as well uses a Functional Medicine approach incorporating the principles of the Bredesen Protocol from Dr Dale Bredesen.

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